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Fully automate creation
of your product portfolio

The online shop simply connects to TecDoc Web Service and your suppliers’ price-lists and regularly updates the whole portfolio. We will help you to connect your suppliers.

Define all product prices
by simple rules

You do not have to manually adjust the price of any product. With the rules system, you are set in a few minutes.

Do not mind
technical requirements

Just focus on your business growth. KVIKYMART online shop is capable to handle millions of products and customers. The platform automatically scales to cover high load and traffic.

Integration with various
marketing channels

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, marketplaces and price comparators allows you to reach the market widely.

Easy to use
on both mobile and desktop

You will benefit from your online shop easy to use on both mobile and desktop devices.

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Advance implementation of the TecDoc WebService allows our clients to publish a massive amount of products from day one.

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Our marketing specialists focused on automotive aftermarket are rewarded with a Google Partner certification.

Read about us

The launch of the online shop in 2014 was preceded by negotiations with established TecDoc service providers, which had been on the market for several years. Upon closer examination of the individual offers, it was clear from the beginning that the existing providers were absolutely out of current online events on the market. Obsolete platforms with an inability to provide the basic features needed for the online market have decided to team up with Jirka Hofrichter and Jan Folwarczny and work together to try to create an online shop that exceeds the existing ones.

The launch of the existing e-shop took place without any previous experience with online sales and concerns about the costs including the TecDoc license and the costs of running the shop were high for me so the first months were not easy for me. But it all changed very quickly. Connection to advertising tools like Google Shopping, Google Ads, and local ones, helped a lot, thanks to a very advanced implementation that KVIKYMART solution has.

In the first year, I did the business just on my own. I was ordering parts only from two basic suppliers. I stored the goods in an unheated garage without a power supply or lighting and parts were packed and shipped in my spare time after my old job working hours. In the beginning, it generated only an extra income for me. However, less than half a year after the launch, I had to quit my old job and start focusing only on the online shop where the number of orders was still growing. From ten orders a month, it quickly had become a hundred and thousand in a very short time. Currently, my company employs a total of 10 people, including me, and we are currently looking for more members to expand us. The annual turnover in 2019 was 2.2 million EUR and the turnover is still growing.

All this would not be possible without the full-professional support and services from KVIKYMART. We do not remember any system outages lasting longer than units, max. tens of minutes. The existing solution can perfectly cover all server requirements for the operation of the e-shop, and we do not notice any decrease in the speed even during the highest peaks when our data are intensively crawled by, for example, Google.

In case of any problems, we have daily support by e-mail, in critical cases also on the phone, and KVIKYMART support always tries to meet as much as possible, which is one of the most important criteria for us and for the functioning of the e-shop during the time.

We are always informed about new features and innovations that are done by them and in case of any questions from us, they always explain everything to us patiently. It didn’t happen that we had a serious problem or disagreement with something.

Very valuable features are all automatons. For example, regular updates from suppliers’ data, generating feeds for price comparators for all countries where we operate.

Last but not least, I appreciate that KVIKYMART accepts our possible criticisms or suggestions for innovation with open arms and always willing to understand us and provide us a consultation where we can discuss the pros and cons. In the event of a consensus, they meet our needs and create a new feature that may be important for us. The system is still keeping pace with the ever-evolving online world.

Miroslav Grašar

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Office in Ostrava

Technologická 376/5
708 00 Ostrava 8
Czech Republic

Our office is located in building Trident in MSIC area (Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center),
close to Technical University of Ostrava and student dormitory.

Reg no: 01853449
VAT ID: CZ01853449
Company name: Hofri s.r.o.
Registered office: Lípová 494/3, 747 14 Ludgeřovice, Czech Republic
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